SKRIMS | Pro DJ Scrims

SKRIMS are specifically designed for the professional DJ, musician or entertainer. We simply focus on making the best pro audio speaker stand skirts and DJ table scrim covers in the entertainment industry. DJ scrims clean up your look, hide wires, add a level of professionalism, and give yourself the option to up-light. Everything looks better in SKRIMS. The bestselling and top rated product in Pro Audio Stands, Mounts & Holders. They are durable and very easy to use. Each cover is carefully handcrafted in the United States using 4-way stretch fabric and chiefly used for weddings and mobile DJ setups. DJ scrims are an ideal way to clean up your look while hiding wires.

Here’s a great uplighting tip for mobile DJ setups. Dress up your speaker stands with scrims and backlight the white fabric with your favorite led uplight. White scrims are perfect for uplighting, creating a cool effect that makes the stage scrim glow when it's lit from behind. Make your mobile DJ setup look professional, elegant and amazing in SKRIMS™. Transform your gear today!


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